1. Still the AM:
    G-Stylez & Oscify

  2. Ancestors
    Mad Os feat. Sole

  3. Cloud Faces

  4. The Weigh Side
    True Vintage, Dirty Hairy

  5. Margins [Single]
    Magnificent Wingspan

  6. Take the Wheel [Single]
    Are You Serious feat. Johnny Royale & Ulliversal

  7. Makes Me Wanna [Single]
    Sol Harmonics

  8. Any Situation [Single]
    True Vintage feat. Apathy & DJ Roxmooth

  9. Round & Round [Single]
    Are You Serious feat. Timeline

  10. Sunsets [Single]
    Sol Harmonics

  11. What it Is [Single]
    True Vintage feat. Soul Khan & Jordan Thompson

  12. Artificial Ones [Single]
    Versify feat. Surreal & Atlas from Ground Broken

  13. Get What You Give (feat. Mega Ran & The Ochoa Brothers) [Single]
    True Vintage

  14. Music (Single)

  15. Nobody (Single)
    Are You Serious x Raze Brooks

  16. Bye & Bye
    True Vintage

  17. Dun Dun Da Da

  18. Halfway Gone (single)
    Magnificent Wingspan

  19. So Fly [Single]

  20. Right Now
    True Vintage

  21. Line Cook [Single]
    Magnificent Wingspan feat. Ulliversal & Dominic Deadbeat

  22. It Isn't Easy (Single)
    Oscify, David Ochoa, & Improv

  23. Make it Happen feat. Diverge (Single)
    True Vintage

  24. Let it Shine (Single)
    OSCIFY x Dustin Huff

  25. P A R T Y (Single)
    Are You Serious feat. Pete Ryan

  26. More Than Misery feat. Advital

  27. Roses (Acoustic Andre 3000 Cover) [Single]

  28. You Are One (Single)

  29. The Gears of Time Grind Inexorably Slowly
    True Vintage

  30. As Seen On... TV
    True Vintage, Andy Arsenal, Dr. Oscify, & Tha Clurk

  31. As Seen on TV! (Clean Version)
    True Vintage, Andy Arsenal, Tha Clurk, Doc Osc, and guests

  32. Are You Serious [Explicit]
    Are You Serious, Boonhamin, David Ochoa, 2Bit, Doc Oscify & guests

  33. Are You Serious Acapellas (Explicit Lyrics)

  34. Are You Serious (Edited Version)

  35. Really? Mix Tape (Explicit Lyrics)

  36. Dot Dot Dot Mix Tape (Explicit Lyrics)

  37. Ill Raptors
    Magnificent Wingspan

  38. Stratospheric Symbols
    Magnificent Wingspan

  39. The Prophecy of the Condor & Eagle
    Magnificent Wingspan

  40. Buried Cities Aenigma

  41. Exploring the Digital Era

  42. Arcade

  43. Coaster

  44. Totally Cold

  45. Good After Noon

  46. Good Evening

  47. Good Morning

  48. Be Easy [Early Acoustic Sessions]

  49. Raw Acoustic 2013
    David Ochoa

  50. The Uplift IV
    Mad Osc, Mad Hugs, Doc Oscify

  51. The Uplift 3
    Mad Osc (Mad Hugs & Doc Oscify)

  52. The Downshift
    Mad Osc (Mad Hugs & Oscify)

  53. The Moment is Eternal
    Oscify x Jpalm

  54. Sick Physics 2
    Doctor Oscify

  55. Breathe Easy Soon
    Doctor Oscify

  56. Just Fresh
    Oscify x Raze Brooks

  57. If You Want It Go Get It
    Oscify x Raze Brooks

  58. The Heart of Your Painting


Are You Serious Denver, Colorado

AYS started as a band and later expanded to include a record label ... lots of good music here!

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