Be Easy [Early Acoustic Sessions]

by Oscify

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"Be Easy [ Early Acoustic Sessions ]", follow up to "Be Easy Soon", is a collection of recordings which capture raw moments of rehearsal and improvisation as I flesh out some solo performances. The album is about 70% guitar based and 30% piano with a mix of songs with vocals and instrumentals. The primary thread of this record is that all of the tracks are single take recordings, with tracks 1-7, 10, 11, 13, and 14, having all been laid down during a single recording.

As a result these songs are very raw and even include a few bloopers and moments of improvisation. At the end of the day, the rough edges make it what it is, a snapshot of my creative development with a definite folk music vibe for the most part leaving in the warm and dusty taste of other eras.

All of the tracks except number 15 were recorded on one of those old timey devices known as an iPhone 4, and number 15 is audio recorded on a Nikon P90 Camera. Yes, you can say different recording techniques were used for this album. I used Ableton 9 to clean up the audio and do some light edits. I shied away from sound effects on this project and kept the audio pretty clean to maintain the country vibe.

Some of the songs are covers of my other songs, and a few are new, some in their final form and others to possibly take on new forms. The guitar is a Montana guitar given to me by my father (filed under: things we lost in the flood). The piano is also my dad's old piano and was definitely in need of a serious tune up at the time of this recording, but I liked the frequency zone of the natural tuning. This album

is dedicated to the memory of my father, Joseph, the most creative man I've ever met yet.

Thank you so much for listening,

- Oscify


1. So Long Since I Felt This Way - 2:24
2. Unexplainable [Shortened Acoustic Version] - 2:00
3. This One's For Tonight [Raw Early Version] - 2:44
4. Don't Wait For Me - 2:24
5. Take Your Pain Away [Shortened Raw Acoustic Version] - 2:04
6. Cleaning Fingernails with Guitar Strings - 3:07
7. Moving On [Short Version on My Dad's Old Piano] - 2:30
8. Heart of the Matter: Part I - 4:36
9. Meadow Melody - 1:26
10. You know it Had to be That Way [Raw Acoustic Version] - 3:11
11. Crown [Early Acoustic Version] - 1:58
12. Shine [Raw Acoustic Version] - 8:23
13. Mountain Town - 1:22
14. Happy Traveler (Instrumental) - 3:11
15. Breathe Easy (Everyone Goes Crazy) - 4:25
16. Heart Of The Matter: Part 2 - 3:12
17. I've Got Sunshine (Interlude) - 1:52

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released June 26, 2017

all songs written performed recorded and produced by Oscify



all rights reserved


Are You Serious Denver, Colorado

AYS started as a band and later expanded to include a record label ... lots of good music here!

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Track Name: So Long Since I Felt This Way
It's been so long since I felt this way
It's been so long since I felt this way
It's been so long since I felt this way
It's been so long since I felt this way

I can't believe you make me feel this way
I can't believe you make me feel this way
I can't believe you make me feel this way
I can't believe you make me feel this way
Track Name: This One's for Tonight (Raw Early Version)
This one's for tonight, it's all we've got until its gone and then it's gone.
Let's hold it tight until it's time to let it go
This one's for the way things always change until it makes no difference
faded pictures, faces that you know, la da da da da da da
Track Name: Take Your Pain Away (Shortened Raw Acoustic Version)
You came to me
with your arms wide open
there was nothing to see
just the waves of your ocean
Track Name: Cleaning Fingernails With Guitar Strings
Well, about ten years ago,
little Johnny left the springs
decided he was gonna head out West
and clean his fingernails with his guitar strings

Genie she was sweet as pie,
full filled my dreams
but then one day
she moved on to other things

well i'm a man, I couldn't cry
so a mournful song I sing
and one day I'm gonna head out west
and clean my fingernails with my guitar strings