Margins [Single]

by Magnificent Wingspan

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(AllPoints) Yo, I'm a break that star apart, a hunger artist; Selling my soul in a sober meat market Blood on the carpet in my tiny apartment My mind's in the gutter and my body's in the garbage I Got nothing left to part with Name in the flame when the pain makes it rain - arson I'm not far from particle target Without a damn clue as to how to move into the margins If you got skin, carve it; X marks it, the womb, we're all doomed and starving; The body parts in jars were taken from the heartless I give it to you at a real bargain Five points on the hammer; I'm sick of this ridiculous image forever molded in plaster; My disease is a fastener, ritualizing my slow creep of death, X-Factor I'm at the point where the facts hurt; Unconscious mind and symbolism is my master; Steady, flooded by a wise mind chatter; Everybody dies, the devil wanted it done faster; Give a dap, the creator is back; I want to live and I'm done feeding the rats; I came from an elevator cable laughing at scraps; Part of my paroxysm's bringing my toxicity back I flow with a bone to pick, what's in my teeth; But I'm all out of hope and shit; A sick, starving vocalist, odious Eyes in the mind, I'm so broken; I'm a cockroach taking it home; Setting a housefire in the same moment I don't give a fuck if pain can take over; My body and soul are bi-polar (Oscify) Cold to the touch, really don't know much; So they put it all away, and they fold it up; Symbolism in a vision, but the lens won't adjust; Salt on the roads led to holes from the rust; Etiquette, look at your delicate rhetoric; Soon it will crumble facade of the edifice; Everyone's too much caught in appearances; Ever since humans were thought of as heretics; What a funny little joke; People got a tendency to try to fix what ain't broke How it is, I'm a guess they know; Same old shit, on a different day they though High energy, unfrozen cryogenically Some get so desperate to try anything; Finally, Frankenstein gets an identity; Dr. Oscify, this is my century... ... Cause I'm caught in a calendar year Reflection is closer than it appears The gradient, so many different shades of it; Break the grip of agent Smith in the matrix Current events? Yeah sure, it is; Dropping it all in the cauldron and stirring it; Fascination with the flavor and serving it Last ones to work on it will be the first to quit; Tugging the boat cause I wanted to cope; The face of the monster under the cloak When the clock strikes twelve, where the soft light fell; Heard a sound I know well, like a spiral shell Serendipitous, typical infinite ripple; A picture of historical significance; Rhythmic pulse, biological conduit; Intrinsically written in all music... stupid... do it ...


released September 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Are You Serious Denver, Colorado

AYS started as a band and later expanded to include a record label ... lots of good music here!

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